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Louis Benowitz

Benowitz Law

Employment, Personal Injury and Class Actions

Tom Feher

Feher Law

Personal Injury and Employment

Eric Kingsley

Kingsley & Kingsley

Employment and Class Actions

Raymond Hekmat

Hekmat Law & Mediation

Family Law

“LawFlip is an excellent resource for any lawyer because it brings people from various legal backgrounds together under one community, ensuring clients get the best representation they need and deserve for their specific legal issue. Feher Law specializes in litigating and trying injury and employment cases so when clients come to us with a legal matters outside our expertise, we can use LawFlip to quickly connect with a lawyer who can best serve them. At the same time, LawFlip provides lawyers with access to our firm to ensure their clients with injury or employment matters are with a firm they can trust.”

Tom Feher

As a divorce consultant, I'm always looking to refer out those litigation cases I no longer take. LawFlip is such an invaluable resource to me and my potential clients! LawFlip is also such a valuable tool for my practice as not many attorneys know attorneys like myself that specialize in prenuptial agreements attorneys.

Raymond Hekmat

“LawFlip has been really easy to use and been beneficial to my practice. I can pick and choose which case are of interest and then communicate directly with the referring lawyer to see if it’s something that makes sense for both of us. I highly recommend Lawflip for lawyers looking to refer or be referred cases. It’s a great platform that saves time and maximizes selecting good cases so I can focus on litigation.”

Eric Kingsley

“LawFlip is revolutionizing the legal lead game. For attorneys looking for new business, it provides an invaluable portal for finding it in spades without ever having to run an advertisement. For attorneys looking to refer out business, it offers a platform where you can generate interest from other lawyers on the platform and find good homes/referral fees for it.”

Benjy Smith


Criminal/DUI Referral Needs Representation

Practice Area(s): Criminal Law

Potential Class/PAGA , Unreimbursed phone usage, Large Employer, Unreimbursed uniform costs

Practice Area(s): Employee Rights, Class Actions

PC urgently needs Spanish Speaking Family Law Attorney For Custody Dispute In Pacoima

Practice Area(s): Family Law


LawFlip is a secure attorney referral and networking platform that’s changing the legal lead management game. It connects attorneys with cases to refer with quality attorneys looking for new business across the spectrum of practice areas.

If you’re an attorney looking to refer out business, LawFlip lets you quickly and efficiently generate and gauge interest from other attorneys and maximize your chances of finding a quality home for it (often while earning a referral fee). If you’re an attorney looking for new business, LawFlip lets you find it in spades without ever having to pay for an advertisement.

In sum, LawFlip exists to help you meet other attorneys, transact more business, and make more money—all from the comfort of your phone or computer and all without having to attend contrived and boring networking events!


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